Customer Review, Porsche Audio Upgrade

Hi David and Gary,

Drive home was brilliant.

The speakers sound great. Before, I could barely even listen to the radio as the voices sounded squeaky, both sharp and difficult to hear at the same time, whilst only the least complicated of music sounded musical. Now everything is sounding natural, engaging and enjoyable.

The car is now more comfortable to drive faster on the motorway due to the soundproofing. The big issue with 911’s is road noise due to massive tyres and minimal soundproofing. That’s why you always see 911s doing 60/65 mph in lane 1 on the motorway; drivers can’t stand the noise! I’d say the sound proofing reduces road noise to the tune of 10 - 15 mph. So if 65 was the comfort level before its now 75 – 80mph. This makes the 911 a much more useful road car, keeping up with traffic in lane 3, without doing your head in, whilst being able to listen to the radio or music as well!.

Taking into account the car is now more drivable for every day use and the speakers sound musical, where before they were barely useable, this is incredible value and I would strongly recommend this for anyone using a 911 as a daily driver, looking for refinement over raw noise.

Thanks guys.

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