Customer Review, Ghost Immobiliser

Hi Gary

I just wanted to drop a message to say the immobiliser you guys fitted got its first real-world test recently. Unknown to me but caught on my home security camera, a car pulled up alongside my car, one passenger jumped out with a relay device and walked up to house, the other passenger crouching next to my car and within two seconds my car was unlocked. The would-be thief jumped into my car and spent a few moments trying to figure out why he (or she - didn't see their faces as they all had balaclavas on) couldn't start my car. That's because you guys had not only installed the immobiliser, you did it in such a way that the Target Blu-eye on/off switch was installed directly next to the immobiliser light which completely baffled the uninvited guest. Eventually they gave up and drove off. Only to return a few minutes later and try again, perhaps thinking their relay device hadn't fully activated the first time, only to be defeated yet again. It was quite satisfying to watch them fumble around thinking it was an easy target. You guys are legends and well worth the 2hr drive to get the kit installed.


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