Customer Review, Maserati Gran Turismo Audio Upgrade

I bought my Maserati GT 4.7L S Auto in August 2012 having owned essentially the same model with a 4.2L engine for the previous 4 years, So, being obviously pleased with the car I bought another one!.

The 4.2L has a Bose sound system which was, errr, OK. but the 4.7L had only the standard factory fit “Maserati” system, otherwise the car had all the options I wanted and that is why I bought it.

However, the standard fit system is to the say the least poor, muddy, woolly, with little bass (no rear shelf speaker unlike the Bose option), no middle and a weak treble and also lacking power. I am genuinely surprised that Maserati, having produced such an outstanding car in every other respect, choose to fit such a basic and ineffective sound system. Could it be that they want you to choose the optional Bose system for around £1450? If you do it will certainly sound better but in my view you can also do far better than that for almost the same money. This is where Audiofile-Incar comes in.

You will not find a more knowledgeable or helpful specialist than Audiofile-Incar. They had already upgraded the Bose system in other owners GT`s and I therefore had confidence in entrusting my car to them, in view of their previous experience. You can find a comprehensive picture trail of the work done on other vehicles on their website, just search for “Maserati” on the Audiofile-Incar website.

Now here’s the good bit, for just over £2000/ Inc. Vat, you can get a system fitted which far exceeds the sound quality of even the optional Bose system, let alone the factory fit standard system, in simple terms Audiofile-Incar replaced the front door speakers and tweeters, fitted a “woofer” to the back parcel shelf with a perfectly fitted custom made grille and fitted an amplifier out of sight behind the right hand side boot trim. In addition they fitted a bass boost control on the left side of the steering column just below the column adjust switch so that you can control the intensity of the bass response depending on the both the music you listen to and you own preference. Apart from the new parcel shelf grille the interior appearance or the car remains exactly the same.

And the sound, well, that is a revelation, a deep crisp bass which you actually hear and feel, a double bass in a small jazz group sounds like a double bass should (and I should know, I am an ex bass player, you can actually hear the notes!. The mid-range is clear and defined and the top end sharp and clear, just as it should be. There is more than adequate power from the new amp, which of course is fitted in any case to improve control and balance rather than just volume.

There is no comparison between this new Audiofile-Incar system and the Bose I had in my previous GT, and the difference between this set up and the standard factory fit system in my new car is phenomenal, so if you have a Maserati Gran Turismo (or Quattroporte) and you enjoy your music this is the way to go, you will not be disappointed, just like me.

Best Regards
Ron Thomas

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