Porsche 997 GT 2 Audio Upgrade/Sound Proofing

Hi Gary,
Just a quick note about the car on my drive home - the tyre noise from the rear is still there, but has definitely reduced, and the car is quieter overall with the extra sound proofing in the doors etc, with a reduction in other road noise and so on. It's not as quiet as a Rolls Royce, but then it's not that sort of car! Overall I'm pleased with the noise reduction, so many thanks to you and your team for all their work - I think you've struck a good balance for a sports car.

As for the audio system - epic! Very pleased indeed - found myself laughing out loud at how brilliant it is! I agree with you that if anything it's a better sounding system than the X5, and I think that's saying something.

Many thanks indeed and best wishes, John Megarry

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