Customer Review, BMW Audio Upgrades

Hi Gary - when I collected my car from you, you said you had been surprised to find no music stored on the car’s system. The answer was very simple: it sounded so awful, it was really a disincentive to use the BMW standard sound system. I’ve been very happy with the X3 except for this astonishing weakness.

You demonstrated the system with some tracks, including percussion which was astonishing. Drum and cymbal detail was incredible so it was a real delight to think of installing music to enjoy while driving. On the way home, I was listening to some classical music and wondered if the sound stage can be ‘widened’ as it was all very focused around the driver’s position. You pointed out that when reception for radio stations is low, they revert to mono.

So I grabbed some classical CDs when I set out next time. First up was Percy Grainger with some choral work. One piece, Shallow Brown, has very wide dynamic range and what impressed me was the depth of the sound stage. In stationary traffic I was able to close my eyes and easily imagine being in the concert hall. Next up was Gershwin and American in Paris. In this, the instruments came to life and the sound stage was ideal and a real delight to listen to.

Since then, I’ve been uploading music as often as I can - stopping on my journey to change to a new CD when the first one had finished uploading. Piano concertos are nicely clear and instruments are well-placed and a delight to hear so clearly.

I was wary about spending so much money on the System 3 Plus but I’m truly delighted with the results and am glad you talked me into it!

Many thanks for so dramatically improving things!

Best wishes


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