Customer Review, BMW System 3 Plus

Hello Gary,

We had a good run back to Wiltshire last night and enjoyed listening to the new system all the way home.

We were both hugely impressed by the sound quality, firstly on popular music, then listening to classical music on the DAB radio. Classic FM just happened to have a continuous play of wonderful pieces that fully illustrated the insight and depth of what you have installed. From delicate early music with lute and then Spanish harp and castanets to Beethoven's 5th Symphony. What was outstanding was the tonal accuracy of the instruments.

In the past we have given up with classical albums when travelling as the road noise drowns out the more delicate passages. I had not fully appreciated the power of the system, but as our speed rose the volume/speed adjustment I (or you?) had set, kicked in. Also having the ability to adjust the bass of the subs is very helpful. Rosemary said that for once she could hear the double basses in the orchestra whereas before it was largely lost. The percussion was also crystal clear and each instrument could be picked out.

We have had a look at the photos and played some of your demo tracks. We will gladly send in those reviews next week.

In the meantime we just wanted to say how pleased we were. I would have called, but Saturday morning is probably rather busy for you.

Many thanks to you and your team.
Have a good weekend.
Best wishes
Peter & Rosemary

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